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BrickUniverse 2018 Photos
Posted by Richard on April 29, 2018 at 07:31 PM CST:

BIONICLE®, Mecha, and Action Figures
Besides BIONICLE, I grouped some things in here that were basically action figures built out of bricks, and also a few Sci Fi creations. Most Star Wars CCBS is in it's own album.


Star Wars

Towns,Trains, and Minifigures

Everything Else
Anything that didn't quite have enough pictures for it's own album, I've put in here. I also put some stuff in here that were part of a set but could fall under different categories if I sorted them, like the ship, APC and Power Loader/Ripley from Aliens. There are also a few pictures of sets I believe were off-the-shelf LEGO products, but don't let that stop you from checking out this album or you'll miss some truly great creations like the Space and Nasa display.

Featured Artists
Each of the albums below are dedicated to a special guest's display at the event. These are professional artists who make a living doing this, or are highly recognized for their work.


Jonathan Lopes

Rocco Buttliere

My Display at Brick Universe

My personal creations
I wanted an album for just my creations for the sake of friends and family, as well as the occasional reader who might be interested in which specific creations were mine. If your not curious which are mine and you've looked through "BIONICLE, Mecha, and Action Figures", then you've already seen my stuff in there.


Forum link.

Cannister front