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BrickTalk: Search For The SEVENTH TOA
Posted by Mark on May 16, 2003 at 02:18 PM CST:
"Search for the Seventh Toa and Win!

The Rahkshi are trying to stop the Seventh Toa from appearing ? but you can find him first and win an Ultimate BIONICLE? Bash at your house in the LEGO? BIONICLE Search for the Seventh Toa Contest!

It's easy to enter. Look for a special map of Mata Nui inserted in the July issue of LEGO Magazine and in other specially marked products. The map has 10 locations marked ? and the Seventh Toa is waiting in one of them! You'll also receive clues that will help you guess where he can be found. When you think you know where he is, send in your entry. You could win an Ultimate BIONICLE Bash for you and your friends, including a visit to your house by the BIONICLE 2003 Tour van, or other great prizes!

You can also find a contest map and exclusive clues in the upcoming BIONICLE: The Official Guide from Scholastic, the BIONICLE: Mask of Light DVD and video, and in other great products (more details to come)! The more clues you find, the better your chances of tracking down the Seventh Toa!

Look for complete rules and details in the July LEGO Magazine. Contest begins in July and ends October 31st, 2003."

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