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BrickTalk: McTORANS Down Under
Posted by Purple_Dave on August 16, 2002 at 11:46 PM CST:
Many people outside of North America have spent nearly a year hoping to see six rather small sets show up in their local area, but everything that we heard had suggested that this would never happen. The original deal called for them to be released exclusively in the US and Canada, and the standard McDonald's promotional contract requires all promotional items to be exclusive to their chain of restaurants.

According to Brian, The LEGO? Company has discussed the popularity of the McTORANS with McDonald's, and a new agreement has been made by which the much-desired sets are currently showing up in Australia. Currently, it sounds like there are no concrete plans to release them anywhere else, but with this recent turn of events, the likelihood of it happening seems a lot closer than it ever has before.

Also of note is that the original run was completely sold out in North America, so these new sets were reproduced specifically for release at McD's restaurants in Australia.

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