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BrickTalk: Mask of Light Press Release
Posted by Mark on October 7, 2002 at 03:00 PM CST:
The actors are: Jason Michas (Sabrina: the animated series) as TAKUA/TAKANUVA, Andrew Francis (X-Men Evolution) as JALLER, Chris Gaze (Spiderman Unlimited) as TURAGA VAKAMA, Lee Tockar (Dragonball Z) as MAKUTA/PEWKU, Scott McNeil (Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation) as TAHU/ONUA/GRAALOK THE ASH BEAR, Leslie Ewan as GALI/NOKAMA, Michael Dobson (Digimon) as KOPAKA/HEWKII, Dale Wilson (NASCAR Racers) as LEWA/ONEWA, Trevor Devall (Mobile Suit Gundam) as POHATU/TA-MATORAN GUARD, Chiara Zanni (What About Mimi?) as HAHLI and Doc Harris (Dragonball Z) as THE KOLI ANNOUNCER.

Update: I'm fairly certain that "JALLER" should be "JALA" and "HEWKII" should be "HUKI". "PEWKU" could be "PUKU", but who knew USSAL talk?

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