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Who is your favorite Toa?


Posted by Purple_Dave on July 25, 2002 at 06:08 PM CST:
According to Leah, the KANOHI NUVA names work the same way as the TOA NUVA names. In other words, TAHU NUVA wears the HAU NUVA, and so on. The KANOHI NUVA packs will be released at the same time as the TOA NUVA, and in addition to the KANOHI NUVA, they will contian the same 96 KRANA as the KRANA packs. (I suspect this may cause serious sales problems with the KRANA packs, since anyone with all twelve metallic masks would lose any incentive to buy them once the KANOH NUVA packs show up)

The design team didn't create the EXO-TOA with the intent of having every TOA fit inside. (And, in fact, never got POHATU or ONUA to fit) The story team, not being aware of this, wrote six EXO-TOA into the story. Little miscommunication, whole lotta fuss.

The upcoming BIONICLE? music album, as advertised in the TOA NUVA mini-comic, will not contain any LEGO? bricks (bummer...) and will not be related to either of the upcoming movies, but it will be a full compilation album with some well-known bands involved.

The two heads peeking out of the liquid in the above two images are the new bad-guys from the upcoming MASK OF LIGHT video. They are not anything that we have ever seen before.

Cannister front