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Who is your favorite Toa?


Posted by Purple_Dave on December 20, 2001 at 10:33 PM CST:
Note: The photo above shows the four KRANA that I received in my press kit. The light-green VU is the one that actually came with my NUHVOK, and the other three were shipped loose in a small baggie.

To start with, there are eight different KRANA. Unlike the KANOHI, the KRANA serve to provide more than just special powers. They also serve to provide a sort of combination of rank, job, and personality to each BOHROK. Without the KRANA, the BOHROK are fairly weak and easily defeated. With them, they are a force to be feared.

Another difference between the KRANA and the KANOHI is that the KANOHI are inert items that exist only to have their power harnessed and used by whoever wears them. The KRANA are able to bend the wills of the weak-minded and take control of the host body, in a way that is not entirely unlike MAKUTA's INFECTED MASKS. The big difference here is that it is entirely part of the nature of the KRANA, whereas the KANOHI have to be altered to produce this sort of effect.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems that the BOHROK pose is that even when they are finally defeated, the KRANA have one last trick up their sleeve. The only way to remove the KRANA from a BOHROK is to hit it just right, causing the head to spring open. The problem with this is that it also causes the KRANA to be catapulted directly at the unfortunate being that happened to knock it free. If the KRANA can connect with the face, it will attach itself like a leech, where it can attempt to take control of the new host. In fact, it isn't said outright, but it is hinted that the KRANA are actually alive...sort of.

The KRANA set is going to be even harder to collect. As stated before, there will be eight different shapes, but there will apparently still be twelve different basic colors, as I have been told through official channels that there will be a total of 96 KRANA available to collect. Adding another problem to the mix is the inherent difficulty in keeping track of each style. They all have the same basic shape, since they have to fit within the same brainpan. They also all have simple two-letter names:

BO: Sentinal
CA: Clearance
JA: Scout
VU: Surveyor
SU: Worker
XA: Swarm Commander
YO: Mole
ZA: Squad Leader

BOHROK are named by both what breed they are and what KRANA they wear. If a NUHVOK has the Surveyor KRANA, it is called a NUHVOK VU, while a NUHVOK JA would serve in a Scout capacity. The official info says that each type of KRANA will impart special abilities to the wearer, but those abilities have not yet been described.

Finally, it would seem that LEGO? has found a way to increase the level of collectibility. Since each BOHROK is essentially a different creature based on which KRANA it wears, you would need eight of each to have every different BOHROK. Furthermore, while I have not confirmed this, it seems that the BOHROK are going to ship with a randomly packed KRANA, so you'll never really know what you're going to get.

As for what I think of them, well, I love the way they feel and look, as it really helps set them apart from the KANOHI, and lends them a more organic aspect. I'm also thrilled to find out that there are purple ones this time, whereas the only purple KANOHI so far is the PAKARI. However, while I managed to learn the names of the first wave of characters and KANOHI very fast, and the six breeds of BOHROK weren't too challenging, I have this feeling that it will be quite a while before I can look at a KRANA and say with certainty what it's called and which job it holds.

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