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Who is your favorite Toa?


Posted by Purple_Dave on October 31, 2001 at 07:11 PM CST:

KAIKOKOTI is the TOA of the underworld. He hangs out with Charon and the Grim Reaper on the third weekend of every month. (And you'll understand why that's funny if you do a little research...) For the most part he's just a normal ONUA, but with THROWBOT heads for his feet, white claws from the NUI-JAGA, a white NUJU head with orange ONEWA eyes, and the standard neck configuration using a white #2 coupler. Oh, and the little bone decoration on his chest.

Originally, I'd intended for him to be done in black and orange (tres Halloween!) since I'd actually come up with the idea shortly after building Evil TAHU. (In other words, I had extra black feet/torso from ONUA and extra orange arms/legs from TAHU) In the end that idea was downgraded to just using orange eyes. I'd also planned to use the orange GALI hook from the NUI-RAMA, but I felt that it looked more like a sheperd's crook than a scythe.

I also played around a lot with the construction of the hands. I couldn't really find a good thumb design that still allowed him to hold the scythe correctly, but I did come up with something that worked quite nice and allows a lot of varied poses without being too obtrusive.

Never part of the original concept, MUHA was created as a spur-of-the-moment thing, prompted by an e-mail sent by a MoD reader (whose name I forgot) asking if it was possible to make TURAGA MOCs. He's based on the most basic TURAGA construction layout and is designed to match the color scheme of KAIKOKOTI. Well, I had to cheat a bit on the hands since I don't have white copies of the basic TURAGA hand piece. For the most part, this one is a really simple design that would be easy to recreate, but that white RURU will be a bit of a challenge to find. The fact that I was able to get one in time for this article was a pure stroke of luck.

Cannister front