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Bionicle Animated Movie Slated
Posted by Philip on July 11, 2002 at 09:04 AM CST:
CNN has just posted an article saying Miramax and LEGO Media are eyeing a 2004 release of an animated Bionicle movie. Here is the whole article. Thanks to Richard G. for the tip.

Update: I wanted to point out that this is a theatrical release, not direct-to-video like the "Bionicle: Mask of Light" video scheduled for 2003 (which Miramax will distribute as part of the deal). Miramax beat out offers from other studios to develop the new movie.

The original story (not the CNN/Reuters take on it) is posted here on, and it is worth reading just for the Variety-speak: pic, distrib, frosh, and veep among others. Mark

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