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BioniWars: Version 2.Blue
Posted by Purple_Dave on May 16, 2003 at 10:45 PM CST:

Of all the BioniWars series, this was one of the two most difficult to design. It took three tries to get the head located in just the right spot. I knew from the start that it would look best if the Egyptian beard on the HUNA was tucked into the chest armor, but there were a number of problems with getting the arrangement I needed. The first was getting the head located correctly, which required complete removal of the original gear system so the arm gears wouldn't interfere with the head. The second was fitting the chest armor to the head, which required spacing it 1/2 stud away from the torso. The third was getting the armor to stay attached, which required adding a second connection point. And the fourth was the fact that the HUNA couldn't be attached to the face with the armor in the way, which required sticking a 1x1 round plate in the mouth as a mount point for the HUNA. Everything else was pretty easy after that.

If the TOA NUVA armor pieces are ever produced in light-blue or metallic-blue, I'd love to revamp the color scheme to get rid of all the light-grey and silver pieces (well, except the head, which is hidden well enough to not matter), but as long as the two armor pieces have to remain silver, I felt it needed more silver/grey pieces to help balance the the color scheme.

Cannister front