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Who is your favorite Toa?


BioniWars: Tin Man
Posted by Purple_Dave on June 7, 2003 at 04:00 PM CST:

Much like the BatToa Droid, Eyegee-EightToaEight presented an interesting challenge in that he doesn't have a very humanoid profile. The hands were easy to figure out, since all you have to do is rotate them 90 degrees to represent his pincers. The feet were tricky because I didn't want to use any ball-joints in the entire construction, and the T-joints don't hold firmly in the ankle socket the way they do in the hands.

I had to scrap the first torso design because it was too short. The final version, combined with some leg extensions, makes him tall enough that the eyes are higher than the average TOA (and they've got square pupils, so you can tell he's a robot, just like Bender Bending Rodriguez). Unfortunately, however, the final design didn't leave many options in the way of greeblies to help clutter up the large, blank surfaces on front and back, so I stuck a bunch of light-grey stud-pins in the sides, and I did what I could to help draw the eyes to the shoulders. I was planning to leave him sans bandolier, but then I remembered the chain that comes with the Darth Vader set, and I just snapped it onto two of the stud-pins.

The guns took a bit of tweaking to be usable, given the way the hands are mounted. Even though his Neural Inhibitor is supposed to look exactly like the E-11 Stormie rifle, I had to make some radical alterations so he could actually hold it, and the forward hand-grip looked silly without something to fill the hole. I also had to redesign the trigger housing on the rifle to free up some space for the hand to grip the barrel from the topside.

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