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BioniWars: Imperial Losers
Posted by Purple_Dave on May 18, 2003 at 08:21 PM CST:

While you can see the inspiration for the chest, arm, and leg armor in the Jango Fetoa construction, this design served as the base for quite a few other Imperial Toapers, from the pseudo-backpack to the use of the KAUKAU NUVA to represent the Stormtrooper helmet. Even most of the larger guns borrow a bit from the design of the StormToaper blaster carbine.

The StormToaper was fairly easy to create, and the only things that presented much of a challenge were the blaster, the holster, and the distinctive fanny canister. I regret that I wasn't able to include the clip on the blaster, but there just wasn't room to fit it amongst the more important parts, like the hand grip. The original design for the holster used the much less valuable 1x4 flat liftarms to fill out the width, but the problem that I discovered with that was that there were two large holes that went all the way through, and the only way to fill them in without modifying parts was to switch to 1x2 flat liftarms so I could use them to hold another pair of #2 plus-rods in the middle. The original fanny canister design used a pair each of the white 1x2 flat liftarms and the white #2 plus-rods, and I didn't have enough of either to do more than one canister. Fortunately, I'd had to design a smaller canister for the CloneToaper (though that version was later replaced with one based more on the current StormToaper design), and I was able to modify this one to use pieces that I had in much larger supply. Like with the CloneToaper, though, I really wish the standard TOA leg had been produced in white, so I could get rid of all the light-grey limbs.

Cannister front