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BioniWars: Fett, The First
Posted by Purple_Dave on May 14, 2003 at 09:55 PM CST:

This is one of the more complicated MOCs in the BioniWars lineup, with a removable jetpack, chest and shoulder armor, one flamethrower gauntlet, one missile-launching gauntlet, a rangefinder for the helmet, and two pistols with holsters.

I'm thrilled with the fact that I was able to figure out a way to holster the pistols by swapping the full barrel out for two smaller pieces, but the barrel is actually about 1/8" longer when holstered. Another problem is that the holsters technically should completely cover the barrel tips, and if they ever release a brown plus-pin combo piece, I'll gladly remedy that problem (which will have the side effect of fixing the barrel length situation as well). I would have preferred it if I'd been able to get his hands to connect more accurately to the pistol grips, but to do so I would have had to ruin the sleek streamlined look of the pistols.

I would have made the rangefinder articulated so it could swing down in front of his eyes, but the HAU sticks out just a bit too far to the side for the rangefinder shaft to clear. On the plus side, the wrist-mounted missile is actually removable from the launcher, so he can quite effeciently "deal with" any fools who tease him about the rangefinder.

The chest armor and jetpack are both partially mounted via the center of the gear system, which means that the shoulders can't be articulated like they are on a standard TOA, but I usually pin the gear systems anyways, so to me it's a perfectly acceptable tradeoff.

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