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BioniWars: And In This Corner...
Posted by Purple_Dave on May 12, 2003 at 09:08 PM CST:
For quite a while I've been wanting to make a Jedi MATORAN to oppose my Darth Mator MOC, but the problem I ran into right away was that the necessary pieces for building the lightsaber only come in transparent red, and only the Sith use red lightsabers. I eventually came up with the idea of using a different construction for the lightsaber blade, and Qui-Gon MatorJinn finally became a reality. I even figured out that with a little work, the modern minifig cloaks can be finessed onto the MATORAN neck post. Aside from designing the lightsaber, the only other really tricky part was figuring out which KANOHI to use. I quickly decided to use something in the dark-grey group, since it'd be the same color as the MATORAN head, and to me it didn't make sense for the face to be a different color. I debated using either a KOMAU or a MAHIKI, since those are the two most face-like KANOHI, but they don't blend as nicely into the MATORAN head as the RURU does.

Oh, and here's a shot of him without the cool lightsaber glow effect, which was created solely by the use of a blacklight. (Aren't flourescent colors nifty?)

Cannister front