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BioniBook On The Horizon
Posted by Purple_Dave on November 12, 2001 at 09:11 PM CST:
A few months ago I caught wind of a rumor on about an upcoming BIONICLE? book, but there weren't any specifics on it. I've been checking regularly with a local bookstore, and I've finally found out something worth reporting.

The book is called "BIONICLE?", was written by Alexander Skinnerton, and is part of the MASTERBUILDERS series. It will be a quality paperback and lists at $19.99 The ISBN is 1-903276-69-1, if you can't find a bookstore that can look it up by name. The following description was listed in the TitleQuest database:

"Masterbuilders" is an exciting series of themed building inspiration books that come with a special selection of LEGO? bricks. The 100 LEGO? TECHNIC? elements provided can be used to make 12 different snapping, pinching and flapping creatures from the island of MATA NUI. 100 elements. book.

Of course, none of that really means anything right now because it's not available yet, even though it was scheduled for an October release. However, the owner of the bookstore finally got word back from one of his more reliable distributors stating that they expect the books to arrive sometime between the 16th and 24th of this month, which means we could see it on shelves as early as this Saturday and within two weeks at the latest.

Update: It appears the book release has been cancelled. Mark

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