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Billund Copper Masks For 15.00!
Posted by Gregg on August 28, 2001 at 05:34 AM CST:

I spotted this over at Brickbay and thought I'd give the heads up to our readers as this is one of the best prices I've seen yet for the rare Billund LEGOLAND? Exclusive Copper Mask sets. I ordered from him over the weekend and the seller was friendly and communicative, I expect my set to arrive by early next week or so.

Signing up for Brickbay is easy and FREE. The seller has 14 left for sale and he'll be able to ship on the 29th. Best of all shipping is FREE and he takes Paypal! Considering what these are closing for on eBay this is one heck of a good deal. It looks like he has a line on these in quantity so if he's sold out when you get there, keep checking back!

You can order them HERE

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