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Beware The Jab-Bohrok
Posted by Purple_Dave on October 29, 2001 at 09:54 PM CST:
MoD reader Ben Nagel pointed out that From Bricks To Bothans has the catalog pics of the new BOHROK sets posted. (check both the COVER and NEW BIONICLE? entries) It's also interesting to notice that two of the subs from the ALPHA TEAM? series have ONUA claws. Oh, and if I knew that octopodous sub was going to ship, I might have gone an entirely different direction with my GALI KINO MOC.

MoD reader Isaac Haviland pointed out that some other scans had been posted at, but it seems that the original posts came from They include a scan of the third comic book, a promo shot of GAHLOK bursting out of a pod of some sort, and a page showing descriptions of the gold, infected, and copper KANOHI, along with the VAHI MASK. Incidentally, it seems that the gold-painted KANOHI will be available sometime next year.

Cannister front