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Back To The Beginning
Posted by Purple_Dave on October 12, 2001 at 06:13 PM CST:
My session of the MATA NUI online game has reset itself back to the very beginning, and MoD reader Donald Sullivan wrote in to say that he had the same thing happen to him. I can therefore only assume that everyone will have this problem. I'm going to play through the entire thing this evening, log out, reboot my computer, and go back to see if everything is still there. I will post the results here when I'm done so everyone will know if it's safe to play through the game again or if it's going to be a (mostly fun) waste of time. Hopefully this will only take a mere three or four hours...

UPDATE: I got part way through and the game froze up, so I tried to sign back on and it had reset again. For whatever reason, the system is not holding saved games right now.

UPDATE 2: I played through the entire game in one sitting, and after showing the message to all five TURAGA, PO-KORO had not reset. However, after returning to KO-KORO to tell NUJU, it was back to Plague City, just like before the saved games went away. I was hoping that even if the saved games were gone I'd be able to actually finish the KO-KORO section and see what happens. Also, a bunch of MoD readers wrote in to say that their old saved games are back, so if you haven't checked yours, it should be back now. Just don't deliver NUJU's letter until the bug is fixed.

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