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BOHROK KAL Headplate Symbols
Posted by Mark on November 17, 2002 at 10:42 PM CST:
You may have noticed the little "dots" in the center of the BOHROK KAL headplates, seen for example in the ToyFare article. Those little dots are actually identifying symbols of the BOHROK KAL. The above image is some detail from a TAHNOK KAL headplate, as seen on the inside-back cover of the BIONICLE? Issue 9 comic.

Click the above image to get a look at all six BOHROK KAL symbols. These were scanned from the inside-front cover of the BIONICLE? Issue 9 comic and then enhanced for detail. And yes, the symbols look almost exactly like the BOHROK KAL "hands".

Thanks to Dark Onua and David, among others.

Cannister front