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Who is your favorite Toa?

 Pohatu Updated Early
Posted by Purple_Dave on January 15, 2002 at 06:27 PM CST:
I've been flipping through it, and here is a rundown of the major additions:

The layout has completely changed, with pull-down menus all over the place, and a lot more cross-linking of the content.

An 'updates' section has been added, with a news-report-like description of the ongoing events of MATA NUI.

Desktop BOHROK. Similar to the Desktop TOA, but this one appears to incorporate all six BOHROK instead of just one TOA, though I haven't had a chance to try it out yet.

The TOHUNGA are now called MATORANS. The storyline reason for this is that they have realized that they are all one people, but the real-life reason is that LEGO? agreed to stop using the Maori language, and 'TOHUNGA' was one of the words specifically mentioned in this regard. In addition to the name-change, the MATORANS have been given their own section, rather than being attached to the TURAGA descriptions.

The BOHROK have been given full descriptions, as have the BOHROK VA.

The KRANA have been given a very detailed menu that allows you to select each different shape and change its color. Full details about powers, job-titles, and just what the KRANA actually are have been included.

There is now an official Lexicon, containing definitions of a lot of the words you've already heard of, and a few that you might not have. Oddly, none of the words cross-link to their related content.

The movie-clips from the MATA NUI online game have been posted to the website, so you can view them without having to log on with your character.

New Wallpapers have been added, with BOHROK-ish content.

Cannister front