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Entertainment Earth

BIONICLE™ Poster Promotion Ends, And That's A Good Thing.......
Posted by Mark on August 12, 2001 at 10:35 AM CST:
A trip to Toys R Us this morning yielded a bounty of Post-Promotion goodness. The BIONICLE™ KANOHI Mask poster offer ended yesterday, August 11th. The store I visit regularly still had quite a few of the posters left and when I asked the cashier if I could get a couple she said she would need to check with the manager since she did not know what they did with such stuff after a promotion ended.

The manager said that usually after such an offer expires the UPC on the item will scan up with a price at the register, allowing customers to purchase them if they liked. A pass in front of the high tech laser scanner proved this to be correct as the poster now had a retail price for purchase, of ONE CENT!

I was buying a Mask Pack anyway so they let me have a couple for free. If you did not get over to your local Toys R Us during the last week it might be a good idea to stop in today and check it out. You might be able to get one of these nifty posters for free, but you might want to bring a couple of pennies just in case!

Cannister front