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Who is your favorite Toa?


Posted by Purple_Dave on October 8, 2001 at 09:21 PM CST:
I was able to get one of the McD's BIONICLE™ pens sent to me a while ago, and I've taken pics of the six included beads from all four sides. The box was a bit crushed by the time it arrived, so I didn't bother taking any of the packaging. Anyways, the cool thing here is that the beads actually attach to LEGO® studs, so if you're a bit creative about it, you'll be able to attach the beads to regular MOCs should you choose to do so. The pen clip also has two LEGO® studs on it, and they're spaced acording to regular piece sizes, so I've been working on a stand that will accomodate all seven BIONICLE™ pens and the extra beads that the six retail pens will come with. When I find the retail pens I'll post a picture of it, but it's still in the design stages right now. The three square beads each have two matched sets of full-color KANOHI pics and silhouettes of the TOA. Since I just stacked the beads and rotated the stack for each pic, you can tell which side of the stack you're looking at based on where the double-B symbol is on the trans-yellow bead. The grip looks to be the same trans-blue one that comes with the GALI pen, which is a bit disappointing, especially since I'm not really fond of the color blue. A nice rich purple grip would have been tres chic, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

I also got an odd little gem that very few people would ever get to see. It appears to be a retail order ad, about a half inch shorter and a quarter inch wider than the TURAGA posters. I've blurred the fax number since it's really only there for business purposes. The images on the ad are a bit blurry, which is why these pics aren't very crisp.

Cannister front