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BIONICLE™ Movie Moving Forward
Posted by Purple_Dave on April 20, 2002 at 11:40 AM CST:
Kyven posted a URL on BZC about the upcoming BIONICLE™: MASK OF LIGHT movie. You can check it out here, though you'll have to scroll down quite a bit. That article contained a link to this article.

Okay, so now we know that the movie will be a mere 70 minutes long, produced using CGI animation, that Creative Capers Entertainment has been signed on to produce it, and that it is scheduled to be released in September 2003. Oh, and that the main reason that LEGO® is doing this is because you, the BIONICLE™ fan, demanded it.

So, with that information to go on, I got on and searched for Creative Capers, but only a couple things turned up. Here's the CCE website, which does not yet have any mention of this movie, though the earliest mention of this that I could find was only posted on the 16th, so they probably haven't had enough time to pull something together for their own website. The other interesting link that popped up contains a number of spoilers, and can be found here, along with a more fleshed out version of the image that Leah sent to us. (Incidentally, I've been told that those two faces rising out of the water behind TAHU NUVA are not anything that has already been released, so they might be the new villain characters.)

This third article reveals that, as many of us suspected, MAKUTA is coming back! There is also mention of how three villagers will have to figure out how to use the MASK OF LIGHT (Could this be a new exclusive pack-in KANOHI? Only time will tell...) to help the TOA triumph over MAKUTA. (And I should take this opportunity to once again point out that LEGO® currently has no plans to release a MAKUTA set, though that may change at some point.) Finally, we find out that Henry Gilroy and Greg Weisman are producing the script, and that voice recording will begin next month.

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