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BIONICLE™ Comic #9 Arrives
Posted by Mark on November 14, 2002 at 10:01 AM CST:
Comic 9 is just as much a new beginning as it is the final installment of "The Bohrok Saga". In it, the mysterious KAL are starting to be revealed one piece at a time: a "hand" here, a backlit leg there. The back cover features another ad for "BIONICLE™ by Nike" shoes.

The entire Mata Nui saga unfolds (literally) from the very beginning to now in eleven panels in the center of the comic. Of most interest to me was the twelfth panel which reveals the three previously-unseen sides of the TOA NUVA cube.

You will note that the cube is put together just as I presented it in the cube kit here. If you have been wondering what happened to the EXO-TOA, be certain to take a close look at the larger cube picture linked to the one above. That's an Exo looking on from the shadows.

Cannister front