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BCDM: 8546 "Power Pack" CD/CD-ROM
Posted by Mark on May 28, 2004 at 04:23 PM CST:
This dual-mode BIONICLE® music CD/CD-ROM ("enhanced CD™") found in the 8546 "Power Pack" offers up three tracks of BIONICLE music (a product of LEWA, GALI, and KOPAKA according to the credits) playable in any audio CD player. On the CD-ROM side, we are treated to the usual six TOA movies coming from a unique menu:

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POHATU and HAFU both have three "moves" that keep them active, as does TURAGA ONEWA (off-screen left). The unidentified MATORAN (still called TOHUNGA on this disc) racing across the back just goes back and forth. The gold masks in front occasionally glimmer.

This is the first appearance of the rare footage of TURAGA VAKAMA finding TAHU's abandoned canister:

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TAHU left behind an (extra, I hope) piece and some very big footprints.

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