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Who is your favorite Toa?


Argh. Just.... Argh.
Posted by Perry on March 25, 2002 at 09:43 PM CST:
Folks, I really appreciate the MOCs you've sent, but unfortunately, I have a problem, which is this: when I first started putting the pics together, I had a mild bout of non-thinking. I thought I had each person's pics grouped in a folder with their names on them, but unfortunately, some of them have ended up in my main pictures folder, with no credits attached.

I know you have put a lot of work into your creations, but I need you to bear with me just a bit longer, and if you still have copies of your MOC pics saved on your hard drives, please e-mail them to me again.You have my sincerest apologies. I'll certainly understand if you grumble a little...

Cannister front