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Another Batch Of Weapon Mounts
Posted by Purple_Dave on November 22, 2001 at 11:46 PM CST:
Never one to hinder tradition, once again Evil TAHU steps down off my computer monitor to model the latest styles of weapon mounts.

MoD reader JCDragon0102 sends in this quick one-piece weapon mount. Just poke a black double-pin in the back of the TOA's weapon arm, and pop the weapon on the loose end. I found that KOPAKA's weapon doesn't go on all the way, and the other two large weapons need to be perpendicular to the arm to be fully attached.

Next up is one by MoD reader Saturdayman1210, which uses two light grey plus-rod/pin combos. This one required a bit of 'plastic surgery' for Evil TAHU to be able to wear it correctly, but it works just fine for KOPAKA and LEWA, since they've got a different shoulder orientation than TAHU.

Finally, we've got a pair of designs by MoD reader SCA. the one on the right was suggested specifically for use with LEWA's axe, but I found that it also works on TAHU's sword. It's basically just a light-grey plus-rod/pin combo stuck in the TOA's back. The one on the left can work with all three weapons. The design suggested involves a #2 plus-rod and a 'T' connector, but if you don't have any spares, the part used for TURAGA hands will have the exact same effect.

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