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And Then There Were Updates
Posted by Purple_Dave on May 7, 2002 at 08:14 PM CST:
MoD reader JCon14 wrote in to point out that info on the MASK OF LIGHT video has been added to the official website.

Also, Yrahcaz46 writes in to say that the Lexicon has had new terms added, and some terms replaced. Terms that have been added largely include geographical terms, BOHROK names, KRANA names, and the term 'seeking', while terms that have been replaced include TA-KORONAN, ONU-KORONAN, PO-KORONAN, GA-KORONAN, LE-KORONAN, KO-KORONAN, TOHUNGA NUI, and TOHUNGA KAITA, which have been replaced with TA-MATORAN, ONU-MATORAN, PO-MATORAN, GA-MATORAN, LE-MATORAN, KO-MATORAN, MATORAN NUI, and MATORAN KAITA respectively.

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