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And A Couple Of My Own
Posted by Purple_Dave on November 23, 2001 at 11:54 PM CST:
Both of these designs are a bit part intensive for mere weapon mounts. Some of the parts might be a bit tricky to locate in shades that match the color scheme of the TOA. For my photos, I used non-matching colors to help them stand out a bit.

The first of the two is currently the largest weapon mount we've shown here so far, with a total of nine pieces. It's anchored to the plus-rod hole right below the gear box extension and to the #5 plus-rod used to mount the hip-joints. It's a bit sloppy for LEWA's axe, and if you want to fix that, replace the #3 plus-rod with a #2 plus-rod, and move the full-bushing down one hole with the help of a light grey pin/plus-rod combo.

This one is a bit smaller, and uses about half as many parts as the other one does. As a note, you can get the 'L'-shaped brackets in both orange and light green in the NUI-RAMA set, which would be very nicely matched with TAHU and LEWA. Can't help you on KOPAKA, though.

Cannister front