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All The Toys "R" Us Promotion Details Have Arrived
Posted by Philip on August 6, 2001 at 11:40 AM CST:
Thanks to LEGO? Public Relations we have some details of the Toys "R" Us BIONICLE? promotions.

"The TRU free poster offer in the U.S. August 5, will be duplicated in Quebec stores on Saturday August 18 and in the rest of Canada Saturday, August 25."

"The mask collector's poster indicates that if you return to TRU on September 8, you can receive a free collectible Copper Mask* (victory) upon request at the service desk (*while supplies last)."

"The BIONICLE/TRU Search for the Secrets of Mata Nui Event takes place Friday, September 14 in Canada and Sunday, October 14 in the U.S. With every purchase of a BIONICLE product, cashiers will distribute a BIONICLE Mata Nui poster* and one Copper Mask* (*while supplies last)."

"On Friday, October 19, from 7-9pm, U.S. TRU stores will host the "Battle of the BIONICLE Beasts" event. Kids will have one minute to go head-to-head with the remote controlled Manas to try to knock the opponent's mask off. Participants receive a BIONICLE game CD* (*while supplies last)."

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