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All Eggs Found!
Posted by Mark on March 29, 2005 at 10:11 PM CST:
There are six eggs total. Six is the first perfect number, a number equal to the sum of its proper divisors (divisors other than itself), and the only one less than twenty. The first egg is the Light Blue & White one in the "Latest Images" photo bar on the right over there:

I would have accepted just about any URL for that one as the image bar appears on most of Mask of Destiny's pages.

The second egg is the Yellow & White one found in the article announcing the contest:

The third egg is the Speckled Egg found in the Forum Link:

After those three, things get a little bit harder. Whenever you have a question, like "Where can I find an Easter Egg?", it is always a good idea to check the FAQ. That takes you to the fourth egg, this Light Blue & Blue egg:

And what Channel would you expect to find an egg under? "Exclusives" or "Unique Designs" might fit, but I considered "Other" to be the best. That curiously empty story takes you to the fifth egg, this Yellow & Blue egg:

The sixth egg is the hardest to find. I had some clues in mind if no one found it, but I believe most of those who did find it did so by browsing through the photo archive. The other way to find it was to visit my beloved Sand TARAKAVA in the Collection Archive. No matter how you find it, this is what the White & Dark Blue sixth egg looks like:

Thanks again to everyone who participated! Please join in the 8715 Building Contest too.
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