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Air Vs. Swamp
Posted by Purple_Dave on March 13, 2002 at 08:22 PM CST:
A couple people e-mailed me saying that LEHVAK are Swamp BOHROK, not Air BOHROK, and I explained to them that, based on the video that I received in my press kit, they were Air BOHROK. Then I got more e-mails claiming the same thing. And then I found that was listing LEHVAK and LEHVAK VA as Swamp.

I dropped an e-mail to Leah, since she's in charge of the official website, and she replied saying that the video from the press kit was never intended for the public, but was meant to show off the new product line to corporate purchasers. Originally, LEHVAK were really supposed to be Air BOHROK, as stated in that video, and hinted at in theLEHVAK pod artwork. However, as the various powers and characteristics of the BOHROK were developed, it was decided that the LEHVAK were more Swampish than Air-like. So they changed it.

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