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About That Prediction I Made...
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 2, 2001 at 09:43 AM CST:
I predicted that the next event, showing the TURAGA lifting a shining HAU MASK, would happen on September 1st, which was yesterday. I checked around at the places that people had been assuming would be involved in the next installment, and nothing had changed since LE-KORO was opened a week or two ago. Well, almost nothing. The date/time code on the telescope screen did advance past the code listed for that event on the pedestal calander, and the red star did pass the correct spot in the constellation, but nothing else happened.

Since this is the first event to happen since I started playing the game, I've never been able to see if the previous ones stuck to the schedule precisely, or if the listed date/time codes were merely vague targets to aim for. Also, since the LE-KORO installment has nothing at all to do with any HAU MASK, I thought the new area might be unrelated to the upcoming event. I checked the entire run of TA-WAHI, and I stopped by the one other place where you can see a HAU MASK, and nothing was different. Due to the fact that Monday is a holiday in the US, I can't check this out through official channels right now, but as soon as I can, I'll let you know what the full story is.

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