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Able To Leap Tall FIKOU In A Single Bound...
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 4, 2002 at 10:37 PM CST:

And finally we get one whose arms were actually improved in the transition to NUVA form. Gone is the light-grey plus/pin combo that made his left arm flop like a dying fish, and in its place is a black friction version of the same thing (which means you can actually pose the left shoulder without having to use the gear system). Gone is the stubby little THROWBOT? limb used for the left arm. However, instead of getting something stubby or hollow-looking, LEWA NUVA gets a pair of the original TOA leg pieces. I still prefer the original weapon arm design, but I don't mind the use of TOA legs as arms.

It would probably be more accurate to call these Air Scimitars, since they resemble the heavy curved blades more than they do the slender katana shape. However, they do make pretty coll naginata blades.

Anyways, to pose LEWA NUVA for a quick trans-continental flight, you have to rotate his shoulders back, swing his arms up and out to the sides, and jab the tips of his Air Katana into his hips (ow!) so they somewhat resemble the flaps of skin that some animals use to glide from tree to tree.

Have you ever wondered what you'd get if you crossed a chipmunk and a 50's sports car? I hadn't either, but I have a bit of an idea now. The MIRU NUVA has somewhat chubby cheeks, and the "mouth" pit looks eerily like a rodent's mouth. And the five fins on the upper section would be where the sports car comes into play. And the slanted eye-holes are an illustrators trick for making someone appear angry. Yup. Angry chipmunks with fender fins. I bet that's an image that you never expected to have stuck in your mind. Have fun getting rid of it...

Notice that, like with POHATU NUVA, the can art shows the hands in a different configuration than the instructions. I tried this construction, and it makes it extremely hard to pose the Air Katana as wings.

Cannister front