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A Word On The TOA NUVA
Posted by Purple_Dave on June 20, 2002 at 04:15 PM CST:
Okay, first of all, the official name for the new mask type is...KANOHI NUVA. (No mention of names for the individual MASKS, though) It was pretty easy to guess, but I know a lot of people thought they were half KANOHI and half KRANA. Not exactly. Well, maybe. But not like you think.

Apparently, when the TOA NUVA defeat CAHDOK and GAHDOK, and trap them in a pool of PROTODERMIS, they get sucked in as well. After being infused with all six elements, they reemerge permanently changed and wearing spiff new PROTODERMIS armor. (Yes, the melted-down remains of both the collected KRANA and the six EXO-TOA are probably in there somewhere...) I'm not sure if the new weapons are all supposed to be PROTODERMIS as well, but they did confirm that POHATU NUVA's is, at least.

TAHU NUVA has two fat swords that turn into a lavaboard, apparently by plugging directly into the sides of his feet. I can only assume that they have an extra plus-rod included to lock his feet together, but they don't really give a good view of that assembly.

ONUA NUVA has two chainsaws that can be worn as rollerblades, pinned into the hollow underside of the foot. Watch your toes, everyone...

POHATU NUVA is probably the most unique of the bunch. He's got these giant claws that can be pinned together to make a PROTODERMIS ball, which he can kick with his original Super-Toes. Yes, he's the only one who retains his original weapon.

GALI NUVA has propellers mounted to the undersides of her hands, and a pair of fan-shaped axes which can be mounted in her feet (just like ONUA NUVA's rollerblades) to use as steering fins while her hands provide the propulsion.

LEWA NUVA has a pair of giant machetes, basically, which he can hold in a different position (no reconstruction for this guy) to use as wings.

And finally KOPAKA NUVA has a double-bladed sword-staff (Darth Maul anyone?) which can turn into a pair of ice-skates, just like ONUA NUVA's rollerblades. No one has a skateboard, though. (I'm sure Andy MacDonald is bummed about that...)

Also, if you've seen this image, you'll see a pair of heads peeking up on either side. Now, this is PURE SPECULATION, but given what we now know about the TOA NUVA, I have a feeling that 2003 might possibly bring us some BOHROK NUVA. Maybe. Of course, the only official word I've gotten on those is when Leah told me that they are not TOA NUVA, and they are not something that we have ever seen before.

Finally, if you've seen images of that six-sided cube on the internet, the faces are the symbols of the six TOA NUVA. You can see one of them here, on the ONUA NUVA can.

Cannister front