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A Trip To The Kiosk
Posted by Mark on October 2, 2002 at 02:48 AM CST:
The LEGO? Kiosk is very colorful and easy to see. If you find a mall with one, you won't miss it. As shown above, this kiosk had a full corner devoted to BIONICLE?, including this end-display of all of the TOA NUVA.

The LCD screens were showing ads for the various products, including BIONICLE. In addition to the well-known images from the TOA NUVA canisters, there were new movies from Ghost, as seen here, featuring LEWA NUVA flying and TAHU NUVA surfing.

Star Wars and Harry Potter were there, as well as Jack Stone and Bob the Builder. Galidor had a free-standing rack near the cash register as well as a glinching pit where you could take apart and put together Nick and Gorm, et al.

Unusual items seldom found in stores included extra-large baseplates and Star Wars pens. Sadly, the only foam swords at this kiosk belonged to Knight's Kingdom, not BIONICLE.

According to the cashier, not everything was out yet though. Unfortunately, that included anything having to do with the LEGOLAND? contest, so I will be heading back sometime over the next two months with an entry and official rules already in hand.

Cannister front