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A Trip To LEGOLAND® California
Posted by Philip on August 6, 2001 at 10:06 AM CST:
The main thing happening at the park is the BIONICLE™ Tribal Quest, which runs until September 3, 2001. Each visitor to the park receives a Quest Treasure Hunt Map and directions, and if they choose, can try to complete the Quest. If you're a BIONICLE™ fan, this is your reason for being at the park. The Quest involves using clues to find six different large Upperdeck BIONICLE™ cards scattered around the park, which have nearby large masks. On each card is a letter, which you record on the map. Once you have the letters, you unscramble them, turn your completed treasure map into the LEGOLAND® LEGOMANIAC clubhouse and receive a much sought after reward, The Great Mask Of Levitation, KANOHI MIRU, only available at LEGOLAND® California. Here are scans of the other two pages from the Quest directions. Directions - Success

Inside the LEGOLAND® LEGOMANIAC clubhouse, you'll also find an all-new interactive show that teaches "Brickology" and pitches BIONICLE™ to those participating. There are tables for hands-on LEGO® playing, bionicle stuff for sale, displays of the 72 masks and a huge BIONICLE™ diorama. At the clubhouse you can also buy kits of regular LEGO® bricks that make up a version of the masks. The kits are $6.95 each and come in green, blue and red.


The busiest place in the park was the LEGO® store. Here, they are having trouble keeping TOA and TURAGA kits in stock, and I also didn't see any mask packs. There were lots of kits, shirts and hats, mostly in youth sizes. They also had BIONICLE™ mousepads for $3.95 each.

For an extra charge, and a reservation, park visitors can participate in the BIONICLE™ Tribal Dinner, a unique behind-the-scenes summer dining experience where participants get to build their own lego brick model under the guidance of of a Master Model Builder. Afterward, dinner guests have special reserved seating at the BIONICLE™ Tribal Jam, which is open to all park guests. The Jam gets started at 8:15 P.M. and is a dance party which includes fire-juggling and a case of 15 energetic performers. Check out the Jam photos below.

Cannister front