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A Little Something Special...
Posted by Purple_Dave on October 16, 2001 at 06:22 PM CST:
In a bit of a change from my usual MOCs, this one is all good-guy, through and through. After hearing that Maureen R. from LEGO? Direct lost her brother in the WTC disaster, I felt she might be able to use a little pick-me-up. In a complete break from my normal policy on MOCs and customized toys, I made something specifically to give away.

As can be seen painted on the throwing disc, I named this TOHUNGA 'Maia'. In the package I sent to Maureen, I included the core TOHUNGA body (consisting of MAKU legs, MATORO torso and arms, and the standard TOHUNGA head) a complete set of all six red GREAT MASKS, and a small card. On the card, I included thematic instructions for when to use each MASK, but I wrote them specially for Maureen and will not be posting them publicly.

Cannister front