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96 KRANA Appear On The Wall, 96 Krana Appear
Posted by Mark on January 24, 2002 at 09:23 AM CST:
I ordered 32 boxes of KRANA from LEGO Shop At Home along with the six BOHROK to add to my BOHROK VA from CVS. What did I get? Here are the details.

Of the 96 KRANA, 31 were duplicates. Of the six BOHROK and six BOHROK VA, only three included KRANA were unique. That leaves 28 open spots.

This table lists how many of each KRANA I now have.

KRANA Distribution

LehvakPahrakTahnokNuhvokKohrakGahlokLehvak VaPahrak VaTahnok VaNuhvok VaKohrak VaGahlok VaTotals
RedGreenBlueYellow-GreenLight BlueOrangeDark GreyLight YellowYellowBlackWhitePurple

Sadly, as you can see from the table above, I did not complete a single color or rank. Box #23 was the last box to present me with three unique KRANA. Box #25 was my only strike-out (all duplicate KRANA).

Now for some observations about the KRANA packs. Like the new KANOHI boxes, the KRANA boxes do not have any perforations on the outside. There are perforations on the inside flaps, but only on the left side. Without an outside perforation, and lacking any special KRANA, I doubt that we will see the rampant box-opening that plagued the initial KANOHI boxes.

I always received three different colors in each pack. This improves your odds somewhat for finding a unique mask. A purely random distribution would present you with the particular mask you want just 3.093% of the time. This three-different-color distribution will present you with the particular mask you want 3.125% of the time.

Keep in mind that, unlike the TOA and TURAGA KANOHI, the BOHROK and BOHROK VA KRANA are sold with a random rank. Only the colors are fixed. If you are collecting KRANA, does it make more sense to buy a $2 KRANA pack or a $3 BOHROK VA? That depends on how many KRANA you are still looking for. I'll give you a full analysis in an upcoming article.

And what of the gold and silver KANOHI? Stay tuned!

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