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Got Plans?
Posted by Purple_Dave on October 13, 2001 at 08:44 PM CST:
Today is October 13th. That means that tomorrow is October 14th. And that means that if you live in the US, you'll want to make a trip to TRU and buy a BIONICLE? product. Why? Because tomorrow is the revised official date for the copper MASK of Victory and the MATA NUI poster map.

I asked Sabre at LEGO? Consumer Affairs about the date-changes for the copper MASK and the KANOHI poster, and he said that the decision to change the dates happened after all promotional materials had been printed up, so the only official source listing the correct dates is here. Click on the STORE EVENTS link on the left sidebar. You'll also notice that the BATTLE OF THE BEASTS will be run this upcoming Friday, where you get to try out the MANAS crabs and the first 100 participants at each store get a free BIONICLE? game CD.

Cannister front