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Hoppy Easter!
Posted by Mark on March 27, 2005 at 12:00 AM CST:
I have been wanting to create something out of the 8715 BIONICLE® ULTIMATE CREATURES ACCESSORY SET ever since I picked one up weeks ago. Bunnui is the result.

The 8715 set has not been as inspirational to me as last year's 8711 MASTER ACCESSORY KIT which spawned BUG WEEK, so I don't have six other rodents to show you. But perhaps the tub has inspired you! Here is your chance to put that inspiration to work and possibly win a Mask of Destiny prize pack.

From now through April 30, 2005, I will accept entries into our 8715 Building Contest. There will only be one prize pack awarded and it goes to the entry that I consider the best use of the 8715 parts. I am the sole judge for the contest.

I don't have set percentages for judging entries, but I can tell you that I favor originality. As always, presentation is important too. Try to keep your images in focus and without a busy background.

Here are the rules:

1) Entries must be constructed solely of parts found in the 8715 ULTIMATE CREATURES ACCESSORY SET in quantities not to exceed those found in the set. If you do not own set 8715, you may use your parts from other sets as long as they are the same parts found in the 8715 tub. You can use this story as your guide as to which parts are available for use. If your 8715 tub has a part not shown, please email me for permission to use the part. Exchanging one set of VORAHK parts for one set of PANRAHK parts is already approved.

2) Send me your parts list along with a picture of your entry. You can send it electronically to, or you can send it in the mail to:

8715 Building Contest
PO Box 981
Drayton SC 29333

Entries must be received prior to May 1, 2005. Misdirected or late entries will not be considered. We are not responsible for late delivery of entries.

3) If you want to be eligible to win the prize pack, then you will need to be eighteen (18) years of age or older or have a parent or guardian enter your MOC on your behalf. You will also need to send a valid postal address along with your entry so your prize pack can be sent to you in the event you win.

4) Only one entry per person. In the case of multiple entries, only the first entry will be considered.

The prize pack will consist of one 2001 Key Graphic Poster, two TOA book covers, two TOA NUVA book covers, a Transparent Fluorescent Green MIRU, an Orange VAHI, a Copper HUNA, and a CHRONICLER'S TOOL.

Want the prize pack but don't have the parts to enter the 8715 Building Contest? This is where Bunnui can help you. Bunnui has hidden a number of LEGO® Easter Eggs like this one

Easter Egg

scattered about Mask of Destiny. He did not say how many, but he did mention that there are less than twenty and that there are "a perfect number" of eggs.

So your task is to hunt for the eggs, let me know how many there are, and give me all of the URLs where the eggs can be found. All of the eggs are somewhere on

Send your answers to The first received completely-correct list wins the same prize pack as the 8715 Building Contest. You are welcome to enter both contests, but you may only win one prize. In the event the same person wins both the Easter Egg Hunt and the 8715 Building Contest, the second prize pack will be awarded to the next-best entry in the 8715 Building Contest. Entrants into this Easter Egg Hunt agree to abide by rule #3 above as well.

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