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 September 23, 2002

Going Batty
Mark: Of all the critters in the "QUEST FOR THE MASKS" collectible card game, only the bat from CARD #39 (also the instructions) is displayed from so many different angles, as shown below.

Given its relative simplicity and the small number of parts, I thought perhaps it would be a good model to recreate. Here is my attempt at it as seen from the front and the back.

And here is an exploded view, should you wish to make a bat of your very own.

I should point out that I can't really recall just where all of the parts came from. Despite the limited number of pieces, I think the bat would be very expensive to create from retail LEGO sets.

I should also note that I "cheated" a little bit in that the head, although firmly attached, is not fully engaged with the rest of the body. To do so would pop the eyes out. It was, however, the only way I could find to match the model to the images.

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