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 July 21, 2006

Dark Hunters
Mark: Dark Hunters, like Rahi Beasts before it, is another collection of sets and MOCs on display in an encyclopedic book format. The book suffers a little bit visually from a predominance of bipedal MOCs with too many pieces in too many colors attached to them, but a few are truly striking, as good as or better than any official production set or combiner. Almost all bring at least one interesting feature to the table that might inspire your own building.

The text is written by "The Shadowed One," founder and ruler of the Dark Hunters. Each Dark Hunter has a short history along with a listing of his or her powers and current status. There are several gems in here, but my favorite is in the description of a Dark Hunter named "Prototype":

    Unstable, yes; violent, unquestionably; insane, without a doubt. But those are just the sort of qualities I look for in a Dark Hunter.

On a personal side note, BIONICLE® has now grown to include so many characters, masks, and powers that I can no longer keep track of all of them in my head.

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