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 January 23, 2006

2006 Toy Fair Is Coming
Mark: The 2006 American International Toy Fair is coming February 12-15 to New York, New York. The Toy Industry Association sent me a copy of the Toy Fair Times, which includes a full-page advertisement for The LEGO® Company on page 5, and the aforementioned LEGO Company sent me the diorama show above.

I apologize for the picture being out-of-focus. Perhaps I can get a better one when my back (still on the mend from surgery) is feeling better. I've already sat down too long today.

Above are pictures of the front, back, and inside cover of the diorama box. Here is the text from the box:

    If you give a child a LEGO brick …

    They are going to start to imagine …
    It won't just be a brick. It will be a skyscraper … a city … a world … their world! Because there is no limit — When you give a child a LEGO brick …

    Children are the Builders of Tomorrow!

    During this year's American International Toy Fair, LEGO Systems Inc. cordially invites you to step inside a child's world:

    Where playful trains meet Manga-style mechs;
    Where high-speed racers go head-to-head with epic action heroes and their foes;
    Where favorite cartoon and movie characters mingle with do-it-your-way high-tech robots;
    Where passenger planes take off from medieval castle grounds.

    Don't miss a trip to the LEGO Showroom for a glimpse of how the LEGO brand will fire imaginations — young and young-at-heart — in 2006!

Here is the ad from the Toy Fair Times along with a closer-up detail look at the PIRAKA-side of the ad:

The PIRAKA-side of the ad reads:


  • BIONICLE is one of the strongest intellectual properties in the market with 85% awareness (17 million kids) among boys 6-11

  • The BIONICLE range is a fundamental priority for the LEGO Group and will feature innovative integrated media mix combined with a radical graphic style … over the top support will drive excitement with new and existing fans

  • The Strongest BIONICLE assortment ever

    • Light-up eyes (spring) and "strobe light" sword (fall) — completely unprecedented technology for BIONICLE figures

    • New Zamor Sphere shooting function

    • Improved character differentiation … proven through consumer research to promote collectibility

    • Innovative flexible masks, glow-in-the-dark elements and larger feet increase play value

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