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 August 7, 2002

The Bug Resected

In my continuing mission to get rid of as many of the orange/grey color schemes as possible, I redid this one with black as the primary color. I would have preferred to go entirely red/orange, but that would have cost over $100 to track down the necessary pieces.

Part of the redesign involved fixing the wings in a single position, by slimming down the wing-mounts and double-pin mounting them. The other change was to give the little guy some more impressive antennae. Unfortunately, they tend to stand straight up and look very unnatural, so I, um, cheated...a little bit.

See, I like to keep a box of paperclips around where I live, but I never use them to clip papers together. I've found them to be a nice, easily shaped wire, so I clipped a couple sections, straightened them out, slid them into the antennae, and then bent the entire thing into a nice gentle curve. The result looks more natural, but it does not require permanent modification of the tubes.

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