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 September 20, 2005

LEGO Magazine Insights - BrickMaster Edition
Mark: A BIONICLE® battle is featured on the cover of the latest edition of LEGO® Magazine. Inside the magazine, the "battle" sets themselves are displayed in a two-page spread.

But the BIONICLE is just beginning for the "BrickMaster Edition" of the magazine. There is an interview with director Terry Shakespeare about creating BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows. Stills from the movie adorn the periphery. More of the interview is supposed to be found (eventually) at

Next comes a one-page, year-by-year recap of all things BIONICLE. The center fold-out is not about BIONICLE, but it is a fascinating look at the LEGO Inside Tours. Upcoming tours include October 19-21 of this year, and May 3-5 and May 31-June 1 of 2006.

Lastly, on the back cover is an offer for an exclusive LEGO CD-ROM when you renew your BrickMaster subscription. Along with some exclusives, the CD includes "the complete digital collection of BIONICLE comics" from 2001 up through Issue 25. The first 5000 to renew with a secret code will also receive a free BIONICLE hat.

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