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 August 25, 2005

Custom BIONICLE Comic Clarification
Mark: I stopped by my local comic shop and picked up the October 2005 issue of Justice League Unlimited to get more information about the "Special Edition" BIONICLE® comic within.

The comic, Battle For Metru Nui Part I: Reign Of Darkness is derived from the May 2005 Comic 24. Part II will appear in the October issue of Sports Illustrated For Kids.

If "Justice League Unlimited" is not your thing, then you have several other choices including "Teen Titans Go!", "Scooby-Doo", and "Looney Tunes". I believe the full-slate is in the following image, complete with their October covers:

I personally verified that the Looney Tunes comic shown above does indeed include the "Special Edition" BIONICLE comic.

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