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 August 2, 2005

Review: Master Spy
Mark: For a complete review of VISORAK VOHTARAK, click here.

VISORAK ROPORAK brings a much-welcome aggressive red to his overall brown color scheme. His legs are an interesting mix of the other two limb styles we have seen on the other VISORAK. The blue eyes are acceptable, and an understandable choice over the more-obvious red when viewed as an attempt to bring eye-color variety to the VISORAK line.

Here is some of the official story text about VISORAK ROPORAK:

Hidden and dangerous!

ROPORAK are the master spies of the VISORAK horde, using their chameleon power to blend in with their surroundings. Their disrupter spinners drain energy from a target, making capture that much easier.

Commonly used as spies for the horde, ROPORAK have the power to blend in with their surroundings, becoming virtually invisible. In battle, they use RHOTUKA spinners with a disrupter power that drains energy from its target. ROPORAK are extremely cautious fighters, preferring to wait until a foe has been weakened by others before striking.

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