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 July 29, 2005

Review: Master of Deception
Mark: For a complete review of VISORAK VOHTARAK, click here.

VISORAK OOHNORAK is, of course, the black VISORAK. This is the one VISORAK set where the ripcord looks like it might belong. I am a little disappointed in the other colors though. Ordinarily, black and orange go together like Halloween and "Trick Or Treat", but OOHNORAK's limbs are more of a yellow-orange than an honest-to-goodness orange, and the problem is only exacerbated by those yellow eyes.

Color-sense aside, OOHNORAK brings some welcome variation to the VISORAK building scheme. Instead of TOA arms and legs in its limbs, OOHNORAK sports BOHROK legs up front and the bulky VAHKI legs in back.

Here is some of the official story text about VISORAK OOHNORAK:

Master of deception!

While the numbing power of its RHOTUKA spinner is effective against foes, the OOHNORAK's true power lies in its trickery. Using limited telepathy and a talent for mimicry, OOHNORAK can duplicate the voices of trusted friends and lure an enemy into a trap.

OOHNORAK is not a leader, but a follower, and this species is often used as a living ram when the mechanical VISORAK battle rams are not available. Its spinner numbs a foe, making escape impossible. OOHNORAK have limited telepathic abilities and are skilled mimics, often imitating a trusted voice to lure a foe into a trap.

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