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 July 26, 2005

Review: Viceroy Or Queen?
Mark: Make no mistake about it Set 8761 ROODAKA features something no other BIONICLE® set, or any other LEGO® set for that matter, has ever had: large breasts. ROODAKA's feminine features don't stop there though. She has it all: hips, buttocks, ponytail, high heels, and a glow-in-the-dark tooth.

ROODAKA has obviously been expertly and lovingly designed. I personally think that her's is the best design I have seen so far for a BIONICLE biped of this scale. Her mostly silver-and-black color scheme practically screams "bad girl". Her overall look is quite befitting a cartoon villianess.

There are not any stand-out parts in the set, but the selection and quantity of parts is good should you wish to build something other than ROODAKA. Her most interesting action feature is her catcher claws. They resemble an amusement park ride as they spin around in circles on a circle, dancing first together and then flinging apart from each other. I have no idea if they can really catch RHOTUKA spinners, but they certainly look like they could.

ROODAKA can also launch her own RHOTUKA spinner. This feature is very unusual in that her ripcord is attached to her arm. The launcher itself detaches and runs the length of the ripcord to launch the RHOTUKA. It is awkward and does not work very well, but it is at least unique and interesting. If you detach the ripcord too, you have perhaps the smallest possible usable RHOTUKA laucher, albeit more usable by lefties. A quick inversion of the design would favor those who are right-handed.

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