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Who is your favorite Toa?


 July 16, 2002

!? The Answer!
Mark: As almost everyone knows by now, what we have here is a Yellow Prototype "Sand" TARAKAVA sporting a Yellow Prototype RURU. Its closest relative would have to be the Blue TARAKAVA. They share both eyes and arms in design. The mouth design is shared with the Teal TARAKAVA.

As far as I know, the Dark Grey ONUA Claw mouth is the only rare piece other than the RURU. All the others are common TECHNIC pieces, although I really can not say for certain whether the tread (which differs from the other TARAKAVA) is common or not. I suspect it is. Sadly, the Yellow TARAKAVA does not sport matching Yellow TOA feet.

You will note in the family portrait that the Yellow leans forward quite a bit more than the Blue or Teal. That makes the Yellow look smaller, but it really is the same size as the other two just more crouched down. Yellow punches just like Blue and Teal, but Yellow does not sport the snapping jaw design of the other two.

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